My goal is to build a habit of expression. And to use that habit to connect with people and ideas in new and interesting ways. Since I have made the decision to write, create and share, the effects have been profound! I’m amazed at the community of people who have emerged. They’ve always been there — but I wasn’t. I wasn’t showing up.

This website is a way to deepen those connections. To build thoughts into more refined pieces, big and small. And to continue to think out loud.

Topics you’ll see often*:

  • Conversation & connection.
  • Identity, expression & authenticity.
  • Building a life of creating and exploring ideas.
  • Tools, methods, techniques, concepts, approaches, models.
  • Roam Research & tools for thought.

* These topics will change, as the winds of interest and passion carry me.

My Style:

I’ve been immobilized by needing things to be just right in the past. So I’ll keep this a bit unpolished. My intention is to keep it messy, keep it authentic, and keep it aspirational — while maintaining a positive, reflective, and optimistic tone.


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