On my first podcasting experience

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Nearly a month ago, my father suggested that I begin sharing my ideas.

Because we have so many great conversations, he suggested I "start a podcast". He even offered to buy me a mic as an expression of support.

It's something I've considered before — but you can get in your own head about it.

And it's easier just not to do it. Besides — would anyone even listen? What's the point? What if people disagree with my opinions and I'm not there to work through the nuance with them?

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My father and I have great conversations. When we talk, it's usually not brief. Over the years, we've logged some conversational miles on the odometer. Plus, we work together. Together, we operate two small community pharmacies.

By building a habit of having long, thoughtful conversations — I've become comfortable connecting with others about ideas and in articulating my thoughts.

But to share ideas publicly? That felt different.

My gut reaction — "nah, but maybe someday... who knows"

... One month later, here I am on this journey of learning to express myself publicly.

When I saw the opportunity to speak with Norman of RoamFM — I jumped at the chance.

I had listened to 3 episodes back-to-back of his show on a solo drive from Sydney to Halifax (about 4 hours), while taking voice-notes in Otter like a madman as I went. I loved the show concept, the guests, and Norman's style — so I decided to reach out.

With this experience being my first time recording a conversation for a podcast — I didn't know what to expect. I was surprised (and relieved) with how normal it felt. It felt like any other conversation. Like one I would have with a friend — or my father.

We talked about:

• Why I restarted my twitter account

• My job as a pharmacist & structuring healthcare information

• The culture of "#roamcult"

• The Roam Research "True Believer" calls & that one *really* long call.

• Roam as "low floor, high ceiling" design

• Establishing an individualized *structure* in Roam

• Discussing Roam & PKM with *non-users*

• Losing a family member & @anthilemoon’s article, As We May Die

• Roam as a tool for reflection, journaling and self-discovery.

• The big picture / a vision for societal knowledge management.

• How Roam's versatility facilitates connection and community among users.

The conversation continued for nearly 2 hours, and except for a couple of small technical difficulties (bound to happen on your first time), it went well! The conversation was fluid and we were able to connect on some deep concepts and ideas. It was a ton of fun.

Now that I've got the first one under-my-belt, I would definitely record another.

I may have to take my father up on that offer to buy me a microphone after-all.


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